Wipfli/Howe, Riley & Howe Welcomes Back Several Former Employees and Announces New Hires

By Team HRH | December 10, 2018

Wipfli/Howe, Riley & Howe has welcomed back four former employees this year in addition to hiring three new team members as the firm prepares for the upcoming tax season. Desneiges French, CPA, Sheila McNeil, CPA, Melissa Shaffer, CPA and Jane Resta have returned to the firm. Additionally, three new employees, Ana Byers, Joanne Hollen and Zachary Reynolds have joined the firm.

“We are so pleased to welcome back Sheila, Jane, Desneiges and Melissa and believe this exemplifies why we are an employer of choice in New Hampshire. These individuals bring institutional knowledge, professional experiences and skills with them that will allow them to quickly step into key client engagement roles with the firm. We also believe it validates the team approach we take at Wipfli/Howe, Riley & Howe when individuals decide to return to a former employer, especially in this hyper-competitive market. I know many members of the team are excited about reconnecting with them,” said Alison Perrella, a managing partner at the firm.

Photo of Jane Resta, Melissa Shaffer, CPA, Sheila McNeil, CPA

L to R: Jane Resta, Melissa Shaffer, CPA, Sheila McNeil, CPA

Sheila McNeil had previously worked for Wipfli/Howe, Riley & Howe from 2004 to 2016. She has been a CPA in New Hampshire since 2006 and has most recently been involved in finance for a local nonprofit. Melissa Shaffer originally joined the firm in 2004 and has been a CPA inNew Hampshire since 2008.  She returns after a short break in 2017. Desneiges French, who has been a CPA in New Hampshire since 2014, is returning to Wipfli/Howe, Riley & Howe as senior after spending time in the private sector. Jane Resta also returns to the firm after spending a year in the private sector and will focus on bookkeeping and back office accounting for clients.

“We are also excited to bring on Ana Byers, Joanne Hollen and Zachary Reynolds. Their varied professional and educational backgrounds are great fits for our firm and add to our depth as we approach the end of the calendar year and the tax filing season,” Perrella said.

Ana Byers, Joanne Hollen and Zachary Reynolds of Wipfli/Howe, Riley & Howe

L to R: Joanne Hollen, Zachary Reynolds, Ana Byers

Ana Byers, who completed internships with the firm in 2016 and 2017, is a recent graduate of Southern New Hampshire University, where she earned a Master of Science in accounting. Zachary Reynolds also recently graduated from Southern New Hampshire University, earning a Master of Science in Accounting. Prior to joining Howe, Riley & Howe, Reynolds completed an accounting internship with a Hookset-based accounting firm.

Before joining Wipfli/Howe, Riley & Howe, Joanne Hollen was the Chief Financial Officer for a local nonprofit. Hollen has held various finance positions in the private sector during her career.

Learn more about How, Riley & Howe and the new and returning members of its team on the Leadership, Associates and Administration pages of the Wipfli/Howe, Riley & Howe website, or contact us.

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