Kevin J. Howe, CPA

By Team HRH | May 18, 2015

Kevin J. Howe
1941 – 2015

Kevin Howe

Kevin Howe

It is with a great degree of sadness and sense of loss that we notify you that one of the firm’s founders and our friend, co-worker and business partner, Kevin J. Howe, passed away on May 12, 2015.

Those that knew him well know that the firm was a big part of Kevin’s life. He joined his father, Jim Howe, in the practice in the 1960s and spent a good part of the next 50 years of his life here at the firm.

Our clients and employees were important to Kevin, and he was committed to providing superior service to the firm’s clients and expected the same of others in the firm. His style was unique; he had an exceptional ability to quickly grasp the issue at hand and offer a solution. The communication was usually direct and to the point, and the delivery was often accompanied by a degree of humor that was done in a way that only Kevin could manage. That style won him many loyal clients and friends over the years.

Kevin has certainly left his mark on all of us here, and we are honored to be able to carry on his tradition of excellence in client service that he has instilled in all of us.

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