Make informed business decisions

Your reports are only as good as your data. Let EnCompass manage your data, automate processes, and highlight areas that require a human touch. EnCompass features:
Wipfli/HRH Encompass
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll integration
  • Monthly closings and reconciliation
  • Compliance and analysis
  • Strategic business planning
  • Cash forecasting and budgeting
  • Internal and external financial reporting assistance
  • Automation of accounting functions and related workflow
  • Back office and administrative functions for trusts and estates, such as bill paying, record keeping and financial reporting

Simplify your taxes

EnCompass allows us to be involved on the front end of complex transactions and tax matters. We develop tax strategies to manage your tax liability in tandem with your overall strategy, so year-end financial activity ports directly into the preparation of tax returns.

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